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CHRISTMAS BOOK REVIEW: advent storybooks day 4

Exciting things are happening on my workbench! 2020 has been a year that finally inspired me to make some merch ... I have a number of *smol* projects I am going to release next year (and some BIG projects too!) and I'm kicking things off with my yearly Christmas/New Year card and a themed zine.

Since the zine is a *smol* run (and quite small in hand!), I decided to print the pages deconstructed and assemble myself! I love working with my hands, so this is a very soothing, very fast process, and so fun to see a little character come out of each booklet ... although my bone folder and cut/score board are making this SO EASY, there are a few special zines that have uneven pages and colorful scuff marks on the covers. Not bothersome at all! The beauty of handmade is about these little imperfections.

I really can't wait for everyone to meet these tiny guys!! I'm hoping to pitch a graphic novel for them soon, and this is the first step of my master plan (the plan being ((as it usually is)) ... draw them ... a lot 😜) The card is primarily for family and friends this year, but if you make a ko-fi donation I'd be happy to send you one too! The zine will come in January, once I'm finished with some other merch ... More news soon!

Book review time ❄❄❄


Day 04 - Mouse’s Christmas Gift – Mindy Baker and Dow Phumiruk

When a small town’s Parson falls ill and cancels his beloved Christmas eve service, a church mouse worries that Christmas will be ruined! Mouse lights a single candle in the church window in hopes that the town will be inspired to think of one another … soon, a young boy makes a wreath for the church door … some neighbors decorate a tree outside with bits and bobs … and so on and so on until the time for evening service arrives; unsurprisingly, the town isn’t deterred to find the church cold and empty, and sets to work filling it with warmth and fellowship.

I do love this story for its direct and very Christian message. It does a wonderful job at showing just how far a small act of inspiration and kindness can go, and more than that, it encourages us to remember Christmas isn't really a Huge Song And Dance sculpted around lavish gifts and ceremony. The real magic comes from sharing and remember time together! This story illustrates this beautifully by showing the townspeople caring for one another in small ways.


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