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About Me

bio, contact, and FAQ.


Hi! My name is Kaeti Vandorn

I'm an author, illustrator, and cartoonist living with my family in Lamoille County, Vermont. I specialize in drawing cute monsters and colorful landscapes, and I write character-driven stories on emotive topics for a young audience.


If you like what I do, you can support me a number of ways:

Follow me on socials @proteidaes 

Buy my graphic novels in stores and online 

Review my books on Amazon and Goodreads

Read and download my comics on

Subscribe to my postcard club on ko-fi



For professional inquiries please contact Britt Siess, at BSCM.

For general inquiries please email me! I will happily review portfolios, books, and products when I can.

Find me elsewhere:






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What mediums do you work in?

I am a professional digital artist! I work primarily in photoshop, using a wacom cintiq.

What photoshop brushes do you use?

Kyle Webster dry media brushes! I freely adjust the opacity and flow of my toolset to achieve a variety of textures and transparencies.

What's up with that username? 

Proteids are a classification of salamanders with external gills! They are not quite Axolotols, but aren't they cute? My username is an intentional misspelling so that I could have a unique and consistent ID online.

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