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Happy Gnome Year (2022)

HAPPY GNOME YEAR is a comic about a bunch of friendly forest gnomes having a party on New Year's Eve! The gnomes introduced in this story are part of the Smol Frens storyverse, and exist alongside the same world where you might find Reggie, Emily and other friendly monsters. 


Tage is the smallest gnome that lives in the Bluewood and he is extra excited for the big New Year party! Follow Tage as he wanders through a sparkling winter world; he'll meet some friendly faces and help a forgetful wizard make some magic for the new year. 


34-pgs in a PDF format. Download on itchio!

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Monster Friends (2021)

A sweet story about a grumpy monster and his new best friend! There’s a lot to see and do in the big field, but Reggie plans to spend his summer all alone; can Emily charm her new best friend into experiencing life vibrantly and maybe explore a little bit? Find out … in MONSTER FRIENDS!!

Monster Friends is available now! Buy from the PRH book portal, or request by ISBN at your local bookseller. 


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Crabapple Trouble (2020)

Callaway the crabapple girl likes to help others, grow fruit, and spend time with her friends -- but things suddenly go sideways when The Summertime Fair arrives and all her friends want to enter the harvest contest! Afraid that nothing she has will be good enough, Callaway finds a friend to talk to in a fairy named Thistle.


Join Callaway and Thistle as they prepare for the festival and help their friends -- and each other -- along the way. A delightfully genuine story about problem-solving, having confidence in yourself, and learning that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

Available wherever books are sold! Buy from the PRH book portal, or request by ISBN at your local bookseller.  

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Call of the Sentinel

A pastoral fantasy adventure that tells the story of Reggie and Emily. Originally published as a webcomic from 2014-2017, the story was never completed, but accumulated 245 pages and 3 chapters of content. 


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Lumina is a little pumpkin girl who is TIRED of growing pumpkins! While she struggles not to lose her head on the eve of the big pumpkin festival, Lumina learns that that you don't need permission to want something different.