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Adoptables Terms of Service

Welcome to my Terms of Service page for adoptable characters!

PLEASE NOTE: MY ADOPTABLE DESIGNS ARE NOT MEANT FOR COMMERCIAL USE!! Please contact me for any freelance rates, agreements, or licenses.

What is an adoptable?

Adoptables (or adopts) are character designs that you can buy. Once you have purchased a design, you become the “owner” of that character, and then can use the design for pretty much anything! Basically, adopts are themed designs meant to inspire writing, drawing, roleplay, and much more. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!!


If you own any of my designs, please feel free to alter those designs in any way you want! This includes:

  • Change their name, gender, personality, and description (wherever applicable).

  • Remove, exaggerate, or add features.

  • Change the design into an animal, furry, or human.


You may also alter my designs to fit another closed species or ARPG setting, so long as you follow the rules and terms for that species or ARPG.


Please also remember to credit me as the character’s original designer with a link back to this website or any of my socials!


No need to tag me in every instance of character appearance. A visible text credit on a design sheet or character profile will suffice <3.



Use of my original adoptable artwork (commissioned or otherwise purchased) is limited in a few ways. If you own any of my designs, you may:

  • Crop, rotate, and resize the original artwork for use in banners, icons, design sheets, etc.

  • Post the original artwork on websites, character pages, image reference libraries, toyhouse profiles, etc.  

  • Reference the original artwork in creating or commissioning new artwork based on the design

  • Print the design for personal, non-commercial use.

    • (print-res files are available upon request at time of commission or sale.)  


As the creator of an adopt design I retain the use rights and intellectual property rights to my original artwork and designs. This means:

  • I may make bases, species, or other characters based on my own existing designs.

  • I may post the design on my portfolio website, socials, or other art-sharing platforms for promotional purposes.

As the owner of an adopt design you may write, draw, roleplay, collab, and create new work based on any designs you have purchased from me.

  •  You retain ownership and responsibility of all text, images, and other original content you make based on any designs you have purchased from me.



You may freely trade, sell, swap, and gift any of my designs you own!

  • If you are selling, I ask that you please respect the original sale price + terms of sale as a courtesy of the original transaction.

  • Please tell me who you are trading, selling, swapping, or gifting with so that I may update my records.


Thanks for reading to the end! If you have questions or concerns not addressed in this TOS, please email me: proteidaes@gmail.

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