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CHRISTMAS BOOK REVIEW: advent storybooks day 5

Not a lot going on today. The book I have for advent today is really cute, though -- I think you'll enjoy it!

Day 05 – Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree – Robert Barry

A beautiful book set to rhyme about a Christmas tree that is too tall for Mr. Willowby’s parlor … so he has the butler chop the top off! The Christmas tree top makes its way around the house, the neighbors, and the surrounding forest animals, getting trimmed progressively smaller as it is picked up by smaller creatures … until the tiniest piece finds its way to a field mouse family, and they use it to make their Christmas merry indeed!

The illustrations really sold this book for me. The pictures are very sincere and expressive in the way our favorite UPA style cartoons are styled, and I particularly like seeing how the pages are designed around the action! There are also a lot of sweet details to find in the homes of each animal, which helps stage the comedy as the story unfolds.

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