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CHRISTMAS BOOK REVIEW: advent storybooks day 6 + 7

Two book reviews for you today! What a treat!!

Day 06 – Arthur’s Christmas – Marc Brown

Arthur is in a REAL pickle … he can’t find the perfect gift for Santa! As the shopping days run out, Arthur notices a lot of hungry Santas around town, and combines their favorite foods into one awful feast! D.W. really shines in this book, and in good sibling fashion, helps her brother out with careful advice and a surprise solution for the finale!

Marc Brown’s Arthur books are always a treat. This one is extra special because of how Arthur’s little sister helps him out! Another thing I love is how engaging the illustrations are. There are tons of surprises in the drawings, especially for eager readers, who will enjoy discovering the silly names left on greetings cards, magazines, and food labels.


Day 07 – The Crippled Lamb – Max Lucado, illustrated by Liz Bonham

Joshua the lamb has a big problem: he is different than all the other sheep. While the other lambs can run and jump, Joshua is left out because he was born with a crippled leg. Saddened by his disability, Joshua finds comfort in a friendly old cow named Abigail, who treats him with kindness and reminds him gently that God will never abandon him, even when his hope has run out.

When the day arrives for the flock to move to a new valley, Joshua is too weak to make the journey and is left in the farmyard stable. That night, something wonderful happens, and Joshua has a big part to play! In a very Max Lucado fashion, we are reminded that everything happens for a reason, and everyone has a special place to be, all by God’s design.

This story is a gentle reminder of the power and scope of God’s providence. Though we may feel sorry for ourselves and let down by those around us, each of us has a special place and a special worth! This story also encourages us to be comfortable with hope and “mystery”, as it’s not always in God’s plan to let us know the reasons we may find ourselves in difficult situations.

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